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“What will we do today that will change the world tomorrow? Each day that arrives is accompanied with an obligation, not only to ourselves and our personal milieu but also to society at large. We believe equitable corporate growth and social responsibility are not mutually exclusive pursuits. Every action harbors a unique and fleeting opportunity to have a positive affect on tomorrow. As a company, as a team and as individuals we work collectively to build a better tomorrow through building better relationships and better projects today. Make the world a better place through the labors of construction? Absolutely! After all, we are a group of individuals that share the common goal of improving the built environment that touches each and every one of us every day. “

“The idea of service leads to community.” – Mies van der Rohe

Premised on servant based leadership and sentinelled by a congruent workforce, S3 Builders has earned the trust of some the largest and most venerated companies throughout greater Los Angeles.  Our portfolio of Fortune 500 clients and tenure with these establishments clearly demonstrates S3 Builders as a best-in-class and lasting enterprise. 


82% of projects are contracted with repeat clients

- We have 14 years of operational history

 - ZERO contract disputes, ZERO incidents or injuries, and ZERO project defaults  

- Entire executive team posseses degrees in Architecture

- Efforts are not without reward, S3 Builders was named one of Inc. magazine's 5,000 Fastest-Growing Companies 

- 73% of revenues are from Fortune 500 companies

- Average age of an ongoing client is 6.4 years

However, our favorite accomplishment is building inspiring spaces like the ones you'll see here in our Project section. Plus, many others we had to 'mum's the word on' if you know what we mean. 


In 2004, we set out to build a firm that operates at the juncture of employee fulfillment and client satisfaction. The culmination of our efforts is a company operated by passionate professionals and a history of delivering well executed projects to the world’s finest clients.

The call to excellence is a gift afforded only to those with passion and purpose, at S3 we firmly adhere to this principle. 

Our Team

Marc Rapisardi

As founder and President of S3 Builders, Marc Rapisardi has pioneered the company to what it is today: an organization resolute in principle and relationships. Marc’s vision for advancement and core culture of the organization is premised on the notion that “passion drives success”.



As a for profit entity we provide a professional service in exchange for an equitable profit. Innate in this process is a responsibility to use our skill sets to advance the greater good. We believe that the hierarchy of beings was created to allow those who are more advantaged to assist those whom cannot equally help themselves. This philosophy has led us to support the needs of varying beneficiaries from animal rights to disabled persons. Our ability to support causes dear to our hearts has proved to be a lasting and meaningful motivator.


Civic Engagement

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