Our Services

Measuring our success through quality of service provided, the approach we deliver these services and the value brought to our clients, we centered our selected services on three components that best harbor our passion and proficiency. From design to management to execution, we’ve developed a vertically integrated service map that caters most holistically to our clients needs.

Design Services

As a design-builder, S3 Builders provides comprehensive design and construction services through one point of contact.

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Construction Management

From conception to completion, we bring your design to life by overseeing every aspect of planning and execution. We control the construction management process in a way that promotes effective project coordination and communication from start to finish.

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General Contracting

Our success is all about being trustworthy. As a general contractor, our clients and team have entrusted us to act responsibly, minimize risk, and ensure quality standards - and that's what we guarantee every single time we take on a project.

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