S3 Builders promotes Carol Monroy to Operations Manger

S3 Builders promotes Carol Monroy to Operations Manager

Posted on December 12, 2011

Ms. Monroy has worked for S3 for the past several years in multiple capacities. Starting her career while in her final year of architecture school at Woodbury University, Carol quickly advanced at S3. One of the many benefits of joining a small business is the ability to be involved in varying facets within your industry and quickly identifying what you are passionate about, thereby creating your own success. This notion was the prelude to Carol’s current title of Operations Manager at S3 Builders, Inc.

Starting as an intern Carol proved to fit in with the culture of the company and quickly became a valued manager of the S3 team. As a small business we are all responsible for wearing many hats and working towards a common goal. Independent of crossing disciplines and performing menial task we converge as a team and support each other at all cost. This type of work environment requires and true passion for what you do and an unwavering commitment to your team. Carol proved to be one of the select few who have this work ethic built into their DNA. She has performed in positions from office manager to site superintendant for an extensive medical tenant improvement project.

As Operations Manager, Ms. Monroy is responsible for overseeing human resources, accounts receivable/payables, office protocol, and all project administration. Carol will continue to be an instrumental key to our future growth and success as she is currently working towards a master’s degree in business administration at Woodbury University. Carol currently holds Bachelors of Architecture from Woodbury University.

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